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She Has Too Much On Her Plate

, , | Right | February 18, 2018

(I work for a collateral recovery company. We hire guys on behalf of the bank to repossess cars. One day, I get a call from a debtor, wanting to file a claim.)

Me: “Hi, [Customer], how can I help you?”

Customer: “I need to file a claim against your towing company.”

Me: “What is the nature of the claim?”

Customer: “The people who took my car removed equipment, and now I have to take it to a mechanic to get it put back together. Who is going to pay for this?”

Me: “I can get you to our claims department to get the paperwork you will need. May I ask what the equipment was that the towing company removed?”

Customer: “My license plate.”

Me: *stunned silence*

(By the way, plates are considered your personal property, and are legally required to be removed at time of repossession.)

Customer: “Hello?”

Me: “I don’t understand. Why do you need to take it to a mechanic?”

Customer: “Because I’m a girl! I don’t know how to work on cars!”

(I’m a girl, too. I explained to her how to replace the plates using the two flat-head screws attached to her vehicle. After she started to cry, I informed her that I would call the lot and have them put the plate back on. She just had to turn around and go back there.)

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