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She Has Resting Fired Face

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We have a late application for a job vacancy; she applied the day before the interviews were going to start. She turns up just on time. She looks respectfully dressed, but this young woman has a constant sneer for everyone and everything.

Me: “Good morning, [Applicant], is it? I—”

Applicant: “Oh, good. I’ll have a coffee, white, with one sugar.”

Me: “Actually, we are ready to interview you now. I will see if someone can get you a coffee, though.”

Applicant: “Hmm… Okay, then.”

I walk her to the meeting room. She doesn’t talk to me on the walk over. She stops several times to look at notice boards or out windows, causing me to wait.

Me: “Please take a seat.”

She dusts some imaginary dust off the seat and finally sits down. Throughout the whole interview, she answers questions but only directs the answer to my older colleague. When I ask for my details, she sighs and treats each answer as an inconvenience.

We get near the end.

Applicant: “I think you will find I’ve answered every question satisfactorily.”

She fumbles in her bag.

Me: “Well, yes. Thank you for your time.”

She pulls out a cigarette. This is years after indoor smoking was banned. We stare in disbelief as she lights up in front of us.

Me: “There is no smoking inside.”

Applicant: “Ugh.” *To my coworker* “Can you believe this guy?”

Coworker: “I’m afraid he’s right; you can’t smoke in here.”

Applicant: *Almost to herself* “Well, I know who I won’t be looking forward to working with.”

Me: “Yes, I think that’s clear. Now, let me show you out.”

I didn’t hire her. No way could she work on my team. I wonder how she thought that was going to get her a job even if I wasn’t the hiring manager.

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