She Has A-mother Thing Coming, Part 2

, , | Learning | August 14, 2013

(The year is 1964. I’m a second grade African American boy. My teacher is an elderly lady about 50 or 60. Every day I would come home with bruises because she would beat me with a ruler. One day my mom finds out and is furious.)

My Mom: “We are going to your school right now!”

(My uncle drives us there, and my mom marches right down to my classroom, interrupting the class.)

My Mom: “You!” *walks closer to the teacher* “Don’t you EVER lay a finger on my boy! If you have anything to say, you talk to me. I better not hear from him that you hurt him, because I’ll skin your a**! Got it?”

Teacher: “Y-yes, ma’am!”

My Mom: *to me* “Go sit down.”

Me: “Yes, mom!”

(The whole class remained silent that day. If it weren’t for my uncle being there, my mom would have killed her. By the way, the teacher never bothered me again!)


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