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She Failed That Test

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I am one of those people who looks younger than I actually am. This is not usually a problem, except when I try to buy a bottle of wine one day at my favorite liquor store. There is a new employee working there, the owner tells me, and he wants to test her with younger-looking customers.

The moment I step in, the new employee watches me like a hawk, even going into the same aisle as me. When I approach the counter, she grabs the bottle of wine and puts it behind the counter.

Me: “I was going to purchase that.” 

New Employee: “You look underage. I can’t sell this to you.”

Me: “I can prove I’m of age. Look, here’s my driver’s license.”

New Employee: “It’s probably a fake. I’m going to have to confiscate that.”

Me: “[Owner]!”

Owner: *Coming out of the back* “Is there a problem, [My Name]?”

Me: “Apparently, I’m too young, and she wouldn’t even look at my driver’s license. Now she thinks she can confiscate it.”

Owner: *To the employee* “[My Name] is one of my best customers. If you would just look at her license, you’d see she’s of age. And we don’t confiscate IDs, even if they are fake. That’s the cops’ job.”

The employee rings me through and tells me the total with gritted teeth.

New Employee: “And don’t come back!”

Owner: “[New Employee]! My office, now!”

The last time I went in there, the employee gave me a dirty look. The owner told me he gave her a warning and retrained her about treating customers with respect.

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