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She Failed Both The Hearing And Reading Tests

, , , , | Right | December 8, 2020

I work as a receptionist in an office that sells hearing aids. We have people call in after seeing our ads to make appointments or ask questions. We are all trained to basically do whatever it takes to get them in the door.

I get a normal call from a potential patient asking about one of our ads. It states that if they complete a hearing aid trial — which is them actually ordering hearing aids and trying them for a ten-day trial — they get something for free. This is usually a little mini grill or a $25 gift card.

Patient: “Tell me about the free gift.”

Me: “As long as you complete the trial, you’ll get the gift.”

This little disclaimer is also printed on the ads these people receive in the mail. The day of the appointment, the patient comes in with her husband and they fill out the paperwork. Already, she’s putting out that “I don’t know why I have to do this” vibe and has asked repeatedly about our free exams and the free gift, so I already know that that’s the only reason she is even here.

Me: “Yes, the exam is free and you receive the gift after the trial.”

Now, most people would understand what “trial” means, but I’ll learn later this lady doesn’t. After going through the whole exam of having her ears checked and tested, and then the clinician going over her results and what options would be best for her, she says she will have to “think about it,” which, in this line of work means, “I’m not gonna buy anything.”

This is how it goes down once she comes back up to the front desk.

Patient: “Okay, so where’s my free gift card?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you only get one after a hearing aid trial.”

Patient: “That’s bulls***! I asked you when I called about the gift card and you said I get it after the exam!”

Me: “No, ma’am, I said that after your trial, you get the gift card. I’m not allowed to say you get it after an exam. It’s even printed on the ad you brought in.”

Patient: “That’s just ridiculous! I want my gift card!”

She then starts to just stare angrily at me while her husband just stands there watching the whole thing. Thankfully, my clinician has come back out of his office.

Clinician: “What’s going on?”

Patient: “Your dumba** secretary told me that I don’t get a gift card, even though I just had an exam!”

Clinician: “That’s correct. You have to complete a ten-day hearing aid trial before we send you a gift card, regardless of whether you buy or not. It’s on the ads we sent out, as well.”

Patient: “You’re all just a bunch of liars and won’t give me a gift card! I’m going to call your corporate office and complain!”

After being a total witch for a few more minutes while we repeat ourselves over and over, she finally leaves; her husband never said anything.

Clinician: “I mean, she can’t be that hard up for $25 if she’s driving off in a Mercedes!”

We also never heard anything from our corporate office, but thankfully, she hasn’t come back since!

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