She Drove Right Into That

, , , | Related | November 12, 2019

(My mom can’t find her phone and is going through the house looking for it.)

Mom: “Hey, call my phone; I set it down and don’t remember where.”

Me: “Check the car. You leave it in there all the time.”

Mom: “No, I remember bringing it in and setting it down, just not where.”

(I call her phone multiple times but can’t hear it ring. She thanks me for trying and I go back to what I was doing. About ten minutes later, she comes into my room.)

Mom: “Found it.”

Me: “Where was it?”

Mom: “In the car.”

Me: “Really, Mother? In the… in the car? You found it in the car? Oh, if only someone could have suggested looking in there!”

(She just shut my door and left.)

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