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She Doesn’t Know Half As Much As She Should

, , , , , | Right | June 16, 2023

We have discounts very regularly, typically some “40% off the whole store” stuff. It’s very typical to receive questions about the post-discount pricing on various items; big percentages off are easy to calculate, but I can understand why customers would want to verify their purchase beforehand all the same.

A girl, probably around fifteen or sixteen years old, comes up to me.

Customer: “Can I get a price check on this dress?”

I find the tag.

Me: “That’s $20.”

She stands there confused for a second.

Customer: “So, what’s 50% off of that?”


I carry on with my work. Whatever, it’s dark, the music is loud, and people are stupid. I likely would forget about it, but she returns a few minutes after standing in line.

Customer:Are you sure?”

I nod, but she still just stands there and continues to look extremely unsure. I would simply dismiss it as her hesitating to make the purchase –– you’ll note I’m mentally offering her many chances to redeem herself –– but then, she whips out her phone.

Customer: “Can you show me how to calculate it?”

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