She Darkens The Doors That You “Block”

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My boyfriend and I have just gone out for the first time in a good while to a local steakhouse. I use a walker to get around due to complications of some meds I take and so on. I have just gone to the restroom before we leave the steakhouse and my boyfriend, also my primary caregiver, has pulled his SUV to right in front of the doors and come inside to help me walk to the car as I have a tendency of falling.

As we reach the outside doors, this random grouchy old woman starts screaming at him for “blocking the doors.” He patiently tries to explain that I am handicapped and have just come out of dialysis. Bear in mind, I am standing right there with my walker and she can plainly see me.

But nope, not good enough. This entitled harpy of a woman continues to throw a tantrum while he ignores her and proceeds to assist me into the car.

Finally, she realizes he isn’t listening and storms off in a huff, leaving us shaking our heads.

I am sooooo sorry that my safety got in the way of you being right in front of the doors to pick up your to-go order, lady. At least you can walk unassisted!

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