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She Couldn’t Have Just Tickled Their Foot Or Something?!

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CONTENT WARNING: Car Accident, Serious Injury


I used to work at a store but quit to get a job outside of retail. About a year after I left, I was in an awful car accident. I was paralyzed from the waist down, and my partner nearly died.

About six months later, I visit some friends at the store where I used to work. Obviously, I am in a wheelchair.

Me: “Oh, hey, [Manager]!”

The manager in question disliked me, but nobody was quite sure why. She gives a partial wave and then wanders off, texting on her phone.

Friend: “Yeah, she’s been bad about being on her phone lately. At least it keeps her from messing up training new hires.”

Me: “Oh, geez. Is she still doing that?”

I notice the manager coming around the other side of me but don’t think much of it. Suddenly, my wheelchair is tipped forward, and I’m dumped onto the floor. I look up to see the manager holding my chair.

Me: “What the f***?!”

Manager: “Oh, I thought you were faking it. I wanted to see if you really were hurt.”

She wanders off. I have to have a friend help me get back into my wheelchair.

I end up calling the store manager later, and she is horrified to hear what happened.

Store Manager: “[My Name], I am so sorry! Back when we heard about the accident, she mentioned thinking you were lying for attention, but I didn’t think she’d go that far!”

[Manager] ended up getting fired. I had the option of pressing charges, but I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.

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