She Cleaned You Out

, , , , | Right | December 11, 2018

I own a professional cleaning company, and I pride myself on my customer service and cleaning services.

An 84-year-old lady got in contact with me, wanting to start a domestic cleaning contract with us.

I went down to her home and provided her with a personalised quote based on her needs and the size of her home. At this point, I warned her that the first clean does take longer, and she agreed.  

We arrived early at the property, on a weekend, and before we started I once again reminded her that the first clean takes longer before settling down to the usual two hours a week. Again, she agreed.

So, we cracked on with the clean, and her home was immaculate when we were done. As predicted, the first clean took four hours to complete, and she had already left out two hours’ worth of payment. I left a note explaining that the clean took a total of four hours, as she had popped out.

I later had a phone call saying that the clean was excellent — much better than her previous cleaners — but she wasn’t going to pay because it was double what it should be. I reminded her on the phone that we had agreed several times that the first clean takes longer and that she had agreed. Her response was to complain that there were two of us there, which again is usual in my type of work, and we had informed her about it in advance.

Moral of the story: not all old ladies are sweet! Now I am out of pocket, as I have to pay wages and products for the four hours… Thanks, love.

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