She Came HIGH-ly Recommended

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(I work in the deli at a grocery store and decide to move out of state. I have lost touch with my one-time best friend because she got into drugs and I wasn’t comfortable with that. I decide to come back on vacation to see family, and I go back to the grocery store to say hi to people I used to work with. My ex-manager spots me and hurries over.)

Ex-Manager: “What is wrong with your friend?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Ex-Manager: “She put in an application, and since she put you down as a reference, we hired her.”

Me: “I haven’t seen her in about a year. What happened?”

Ex-Manager: “She said she cut herself on a slicer, but we checked the camera and she deliberately put her finger on a running blade. When we showed her the video, she said she wanted to see what would happen.”

Me:Wow. Well, she was probably high.”

Ex-Manager: “HIGH? She did drugs?”

Me: “Yeah, that’s why we parted ways. How did she even pass the drug test?”

Ex-Manager: “I don’t know. It came back negative. You never said she was on drugs!”

Me: “Maybe you should have called when she put me down as a reference.”

Ex-Manager: “We didn’t think it was necessary, since she’s your friend.”

Me: “Then, what’s the point of asking for references if you aren’t going to use them?”

(My ex-manager kept telling me I should have told her about the friend’s drug problem and couldn’t understand why I didn’t magically know she was trying to get a job there.)

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