She Absolutely Eights Paying Fees

, , | Right | January 27, 2020

(We close at 8:20 pm but all loan operations stop at 8:00 pm. The last twenty minutes are just so people have time to leave and we have time to clean up since it is a big library. A woman approaches the front desk at 8:15 pm, wanting to return a book.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but that won’t be possible. All loan operations stop at 8:00 pm. You’ll have to come back tomorrow.”

Patron: “But I can’t do that! I already have a late fee and if I’m late another day it will get bigger!”

Me: “If you have a fee, then it’s really impossible for me to help you since the cash register is already locked.”

Patron: “Then just take my book and I’ll pay my fee later!”

Me: “As I said, I can’t do that. You’ll have to come back tomorrow and pay your fee then.”

Patron: “That’s ridiculous. I was here earlier today so I shouldn’t have to pay for one more day!”

Me: “If you were here earlier today you could have returned your book then. It is clearly written that all loan operations stop at 8:00 pm.”

Patron: “Well, it’s such a shame… so young and such a stickler for the rules already!”

(I’m really trying not to say anything rude or say that it has nothing to do with my age, but it’s hard.)

Me: “Sorry, there’s nothing I can do for you today and I have to close soon.”

Patron: “Fine! But I won’t pay my fee tomorrow!”

(She did actually pay her fee the next day and looked less angry, but quite bitter. It was only 1€.)

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