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Shattered Screens And Faulty Listening Skills

, , , , | Right | November 7, 2021

I used to work at a store that sold computers, and we had a very strict refund policy. Our biggest thing was that we wouldn’t refund a laptop with a broken screen, no exceptions. On every sale, we’d have the tech associate and cashier open the box and check the machine.

One time, we had some parents buying a very expensive model for their young son. We told them there was no refund for a broken screen, double-checked the laptop, and even offered the basic extended warranty that covered screen damage.

The next day, they came back with the laptop and the screen was shattered. The tech was certain it was stepped on. The parents had the audacity to claim we’d sold the laptop to them in that condition.

They went through two supervisors and one manager swearing we had never checked the computer and never offered the warranty.

They did not get a refund, but they sure tried.

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