Sharing The Family Fortune

, , | Hopeless | September 17, 2016

(My husband and I are going to the local aquarium for our fifth year anniversary. While we had both agreed to go, in the back of my mind, I was a little bit concerned about the cost, since this month we’ve had quite a few expenses. The entrance fee for this particular aquarium is $21 (Canadian) per person, but with a family membership, you can go in as many times as you want for a year with a group. We’re lining up to pay the entrance fee when a man approaches us.)

Man: “Excuse me, have you paid?”

Me: *thinking that he means the parking fee* “Yeah, we paid for our parking.”

Man: “No, no. I mean, have you paid to get in yet?”

Husband: “No…?”

Man: “Come with me. I have a family membership. I can get you guys in.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Man: “Yeah, come with me.”

(We follow him through the membership entrance and we get into the aquarium without having to pay a cent!)

Me: “Thank you so much! This means a lot; it’s actually our fifth-year anniversary!”

Man: “No problem. You two enjoy yourselves!”

Me: “We will! Thank you again!”

(What a great way to start our fifth anniversary date! Thank you, kind sir, for making our date worry-free!)

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