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| Related | January 23, 2015

(My boyfriend and I are 30 and 22 respectively, and he has a 14-year-old daughter. We are visiting his uncle in Mississippi for Christmas. He and his uncle go out to get groceries while his daughter is in the shower. She texts me from the bathroom.)

Daughter: *through text* “[My Name], can you go get my dad, please?”

(I walk over and knock on the bathroom door.)

Me: “Dude, your dad and [Uncle] went to the store. What do you need?”

Daughter: “Well… could you get me a thingy?”

Me: “A thingy?”

Daughter: *nervous* “You know… a thingy… that some people, like women, use…”

Me: “[Daughter], I’m a girl. You need a tampon or a maxi pad?”

Daughter: “A pad, please. They’re in my suitcase.”

(I get her a pad and slip it to her through the door.)

Me: “You know, dude, I have the same plumbing as you. It’s not weird to ask for things like that.”

(When I told her dad later, he cracked up. I’m going to teach her to call it ‘bubblegum’ from now on so she feels less awkward.)

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