Shaping Up Into A Nice Chat

| Friendly | February 2, 2016

(I have worked at a hotel for about 10 years. My best friend and I both enjoy it when I come across strange or unusual names of guests who check in, so I often will text her and tell her the name. On this particular night I’ve come across one I was particularly amused by, so I text my best friend.)

Me: “There is a guest in house tonight with the name of Rhombus [Last Name]. I think I would hate to be named after a shape.”

Best Friend: “Maybe his parents were high?”

Me: “Maybe.”

Best Friend: “You would be Parallelogram [Middle and Last Name].”

Me: “Parallelogram, Seriously? I thought I was more of an Octahedron. Or Maybe a Dodecahedron.”

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