Shampoo-Pooing All Over Your Service

, , , | Right | August 7, 2018

(I work in a hotel. It is around two am, and a man checks in. He seems okay, until I hand him his keys.)

Guest: *very demanding tone* “Now, listen to me. I want—” *grabs our business card and scribbles all over it* “—twelve shampoos, six towels, five bar soaps, one trash bag, four shower caps, five tissue boxes, four lotions, and five water bottles. All in the trash bag. And I want them now, to be sent to my room.” *thrusts business card at me*

(At this point, I’m wondering why he didn’t write it on the back of the card, since there’s printing on the front, but I hold my tongue.)

Me: “Okay, sir, I will tell the security guard to bring them to your room, since room service has ended.”

(He looks a little disappointed that I won’t be bringing it to his room — I’m a female — but he smirks and leaves for the elevator. I summon the guard and tell them what to bring and where, and he leaves. After a short while, the phone rings and it’s the demanding guest, very angry.)

Me: “Hello—”

Guest: “What is this?! I wanted the items to be put in the trash bag, not out!”

Me: “I’m sorry about that, sir. Let me ask the guard—”

Guest: “Go ahead! Ask! I’m not lying! Are kidding me right now?!”

(After confirming with the guard, I go back to the phone.)

Me: “Yes, the guard said that he didn’t put the items in the trash bag. Again, he and I apologize. Would you like it to be resent?”

Guest: *angrier* “DUH! I WANT IT ALL TO BE RESENT TO MY ROOM! ALL OF IT! ON THE DOUBLE!” *hangs up violently*

(I sent the guard to get another pack of items he wanted, and this time the guard put it in the bag like the guest wanted. The guest was all peaches and cream after that.)

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