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Sexy Time Morphed Into Something Else

| Romantic | November 11, 2014

(I usually like to have something on in the background. At this time it happens to be on a newer ‘Power Rangers’ series. My girlfriend and I are on the bed having foreplay when suddenly she stops and looks at me seriously.)

Girlfriend: “Love?”

Me: “Yeah? What’s up?”

Girlfriend: “Do I hear [Character]?”

(The character yells ‘Iya!’ a lot when he fights.)

Me: “Uh, probably. He came back in a later season as a Power Ranger again.”

Girlfriend: “We’re stopping right now.”

Me: “Why?”

Girlfriend: “I need to watch him!”

Me: “I’m… oddly okay with this.”

(Later that night when we do have sex:)

Me: “Iya! Iya! Iya!”

Girlfriend: “Oh, f*** you!”

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