Sexists Should Quiver, Because We’re Aiming For You

| Working | February 4, 2013

(I am female, and I go to the store to pick up a new compound bow string because mine has snapped. I am also looking at getting a longbow just for fun.)

Employee: “It’s real nice of you to run errands for your boyfriend like this.”

Me: “…First of all, I’m single. Second of all, you do realize you don’t need a penis to have an interest in archery, right?”

Employee: “Well, it’s all well and good to be interested, but women are no good at this kind of thing.”

Me: “Please just tell me where I can find what I’m looking for.”

Employee: “No! You’re a girl; you can’t have that stuff! It’s for men!”

Me: “Please find me one of your co-workers. Preferably someone with a brain.”

Employee: “You’re just mad ’cause I’m right.”

Me: “You’re welcome to think that while you’re finding me somebody else to help me.”

Employee: “Just tell me what you need…”

Me: “I don’t like repeating myself, so let me make this perfectly clear. You will not be helping me because I have no patience for attitudes like the one you expressed. I can and will do whatever sporting activity that I want to do regardless of your opinion of whether or not women ‘can’ do it. You will accept this, and you will find me somebody who will help me without making such comments and then you will send me your manager. I don’t care what you think, I don’t care what you have to say, I expect when I enter a business establishment that an employee will do their job and you have failed miserably at doing so—something I’ve no intention of putting up with. Now, shoo.”

Employee: *walks away, looking shocked*

(A few minutes later, I am approached by the manager. He tells me the employee claims he has been really nice, and helping me find everything when I started cussing him out for no reason. I tel him what really happened, and this is what happens next.)

Manager: “So, she says that you were being rude. You told her that women can’t use bows because they’re for men, and that all she actually did was to pretty much tell you off. What do you have to say about that?”

Employee: “She’s a lying c*** who needs to learn her f***ing place and that bows and arrows are for men only!”

(He was fired on the spot, not only for what he said but for lying about the incident.)

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