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Sexism Can Leave You Purple In The Face

, , , | Working | January 21, 2013

(I recently moved, but some of my belongings were somehow misplaced during shipping including many of my gaming items. My fiance takes me to get some of them replaced.)

Me: “Excuse me? I noticed you sell the glow-light controllers but you only have two colors. Would it be possible for me to order one in a different color?”

Employee: “Sorry, miss, that controller only comes in two colors.”

Me: “Actually, I’m pretty sure it also comes in purple considering I have bought a purple one before.”

Employee: “No, those are the only colors we have. Even if we ordered some, they don’t come in purple. What guy would want a girly purple controller, anyway?”

(I go over to the stand, pick up one of the controllers, and hold up the section that shows all the different colors the controllers are available in… including purple.)

Me: “According to the packaging it comes in purple. Can you order one or not?”

Employee: “Look, lady, you obviously don’t know what you are talking about, okay? That controller doesn’t come in purple and I’m not going to order one for you.”

(Fed up, I send my fiance up to go deal with it. Insultingly, the employee was more then happy to order a purple controller for him. Needless to say, I filed a complaint.)

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