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This Setup Fee Is A Setup

, , , , | Working | March 9, 2018

(I am changing phones, and because my prepaid phone provider doesn’t actually make phones and has a very limited number of phones that will work under their plan, I have few options. After nearly three months of looking for a decent price, I decide to purchase from an office supply store. After paying, this happens.)

Electronic Salesman: “So, you’re all cashed out and just need to go to [Phone Company] to get your phone set up. There is a location in the mall.”

Me: “This $10 setup fee on the receipt; what was that for?”

Electronic Salesman: “Oh, that’s for if we set up your phone.”

Me: “So, can’t you set it up?”

Electronic Salesman: “Yes, but you should go to [Phone Company].”

Me: “Can you give me a refund for the setup fee?”

Electronic Salesman: “Oh, no. That’s on all of the bills.”

Me: “So, can you set it up for me?”

Electronic Salesman: “Yeah, but you should go to [Phone Company] and have them do it.”

Me: “No, I think you’re going to do it before I leave today.”

Electronic Salesman: “Fine!”

(He was seriously mad that I made him set up a phone I had paid him to set up. I asked at the phone company later and they said if I had needed it set up when I got to them, they would have charged me $10, too, so I would have paid twice.)

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