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Set Up Shop Somewhere Else

| Learning | September 26, 2015

(It is the first day of my senior year of high school. My first period teacher is taking attendance when a student enters the classroom, late.)

Student #1: “Wait, hold on! I’m here!”

Teacher: “[Student #1], you’re not in this class.”

Student #1: “Oh, that makes sense. I was wondering why this didn’t look like shop class.”

Teacher: “[Student #1] , you have been here since freshman year. You should know by now that shop class is on the first floor. This is the second floor.”

Student #1: “Whoops. Forgot. Bye.”

(Student #1 leaves.)

Student #2: “How the h*** could he think this was shop class?”

Me: “What I’m wondering is how the h*** he passed eleventh grade.”

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