Serving Up A Hot Slice Of Justice

| Romantic | November 25, 2013

(I wait on a couple in their 20s.)

Man: “Hi, can I get a [drink] and [meat product]? She’s going to have a [child-sized portion of meal]. Isn’t that right, honey?”

(I see the woman look at him, startled. She then looks over at me, slightly scared. She begins stammering.)

Woman: “Yes.”

Man: “Okay, one, don’t stammer. You sound like a f****** kid. Two, you’re eating this because fat chicks are useless.”

(The woman looks like a size 8 or 9.)

Me: “I’ll… get those.”

(Later, I bring the food over. The woman is shyly looking down on her lap, trying to avoid conversation. The man keeps trying to make her look up. I even see her get slapped under the table. She jerks her head up.)

Woman: “Yes?”

Man: “Well, don’t you think my last girlfriend was a [lesbian slur]? I mean…” *scoffs*She left me.”

Me: “Right, sir. Can you please leave the premises?”

Man: “You can’t tell me what to do. You’re a woman for God’s sake!”

Me: “I am a waitress and you are a rude customer. Not that it should make a difference, but I will get my male manager and ask you to leave.”

Woman: “No, er, it’s fine. He’s… right.”

Me: “You don’t have to, miss.”

Man: *to me* “So, what can I do to you to stop you blabbing?”

(The man gets up and has his hands in fists. The woman is looking very worried. I put the food down and call my manager. The man is now over me, breathing heavily. The manager comes up.)


Man: “Come on [Woman’s Name], we’re leaving.”

(The woman decides she has also had enough, and courageously stands up to him.)

Woman: “No! Now I think you’ve shown the outside world how violent you are! You were the one that force me to date you. You were the one who killed our dog just because I spilled the kettle. You were the one who told me to get a hysterectomy when you know I’ve wanted kids. You can push off and leave me alone.”

Man: “You think, b****?”

Manager: “I’m calling the police.”

(The man was arrested and it turns out, he has a severe history of violence. I really feel for that woman. But a few months ago she came back in the restaurant with a man and a little girl, so I think she’s going to be better.)

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