Service With A Personal Touch

| Working | August 3, 2013

(I work as a delivery driver at a popular pizza place. I haven’t worked there long, but because I know how to make a customer happy, coworkers tend to come to me for advice. One or two use me as a sounding board for their gripes. One of the servers comes up to me.)

Server: “I’ve got a table who is really mad at me for a mistake that they made!”

(The server’s tone makes it obvious she’s intending on just complaining, and not doing anything about it. Also, we’re very close to the dining room, and there is only a half-wall separating it from the kitchen, so I’m sure her ‘bad table’ can hear every word.)

Me: *sigh* “What happened?”

Server: “Well, they ordered a small pizza, but they held up their hands like this…”

(The server holds up her hands indicating about the size of one of our personal sized pizzas which are smaller than the ‘small.’)

Server: “…so I put in a personal. They actually wanted a small!”

Me: “[Server], that’s your fault. Go in back and ask [boss] if you can give them a free small, like they ordered, for their trouble. Then ask the cooks to put one through.”

Server: “But [boss] will yell at me! He had to fix so many of my mistakes yesterday!”

Me: “The customer having a good experience is more important than you not getting yelled at by [boss]. Go ask him. I’m sure he’ll even applaud you for taking the initiative to fix it yourself.”

(For the next ten minutes, I watch her repeatedly start walking toward the boss’s office then turn around and sprint back into the dining room at top speed. I eventually get called out to a delivery so I don’t get to see if she actually went and fixed it. However, based on what I hear when I get back, she didn’t.)

Server: “I’ve only gotten $5 in tips all day! And that table that ordered the wrong pizza didn’t tip at all!”

(She walks out on one of her shifts the next week. Later one of the managers asks what I had thought of her.)

Me: “Some people are just not meant to work in the service industry.”

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