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Service That Blows The Doors Open

, , , , | Right | May 19, 2021

While working in a hotel, I receive a call at about 1:00 am.

Guest: “My husband is locked in the bathroom!”

Me: “What?! How did this happen?”

Guest: “The doorknob just spins around all the way and it does not control the latch.”

I run down there to investigate and, sure enough, the doorknob just spins around all the way, not allowing the door to open.

I take out my knife and cut up the keycard that I used to get through the security door into an L shape and try to pop the latch open to free the guest.

The gentleman in the bathroom is slowly getting more and more agitated. He begins to swear and yell.

Guest’s Husband: “You don’t know what you’re doing! Just call a locksmith!”

Guest: *Encouragingly* “Oh, he’ll be fine. You’re doing great.”

After a bit of effort, I managed to pop the door open, and the gentleman immediately wrapped me in a huge bear hug.

They all thanked me profusely. I duct-taped the door latch to prevent the incident from happening again, and the man’s son tipped me $20, which I tried repeatedly to refuse.

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