Server Getting Served

| Working | July 31, 2017

(It is my third day at my first job. Our restaurant gets extremely busy on the weekends—luckily, our computer system at the hostess station keeps tables organized. Servers are assigned tables throughout the night; it is part of my job to let the servers know when they have a new table.)

Hostess #1: *a few feet away* “Tell [Server] he has four people at table 46. Oh, and that I said he sucks.”

(I hunt down the server in the middle of the restaurant.)

Me: “[Server], four at 46. And [Hostess #1] says you suck.”

Server: *deadpan* “Thanks.”

(I return to the hostess station.)

Me: “[Server] knows he sucks.”

Hostess #1: “Oh, nooooo!”

Hostess #2: “What’s wrong?”

Hostess #1: “I said to tell [Server] I was sorry! I gave him the wrong table number!”

Me: “Oh, no.”

Hostess #2: “Eh, [Server]’s tough. He’ll be okay.”

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