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, , , | Right | CREDIT: StrawberryBlondeGirl | June 19, 2021

A college kid was staying in a room on our top floor when he thought he would clean off his gun without taking the bullet out of the chamber. The gun went off and shot a hole through the ceiling, and it also managed to go through and burst the water main pipe. The whole left side of the hotel building on each floor flooded

One of the children staying here — about four years old — is still shaken up from his horrible experience three weeks ago — the family had a house fire and watched their house burn down, losing everything they own — so when the pipe burst and the water flooded the floors, the poor child was crying and shaken up even more.

The police and detectives brought in their canine and found that the college kid had cocaine in the room, and he was arrested. He started freaking out.

College Kid: “I don’t want to get in trouble! My dad has worked on the police force for twenty years!”

The fire chief just laughed as he passed the front desk.

Fire Chief: “Don’t do drugs, kids!”

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