September Top Story Roundup

Not Always Related | Related | September 30, 2012

September Top Story Roundup: From ghost-busting moms to unholy Harry Potter references, here are our top-rated stories for the month of September!

  1. A Monstrous Rent Bill (611 thumbs up)
    A 5-year-old girl learns that her mom is a bonafide Ghostbuster!
  2. Unprotected Hiccups (575 thumbs up)
    When Mom cures Dad of the hiccups, she’s not “kid”-ding around.
  3. From The Mouth Of Babes (497 thumbs up)
    Daddy’s little girl sends the wrong message about his in vitro fertilization job!
  4. Deathly Hallow Be Thy Name (491 thumbs up)
    A Jewish cousin confuses the Lord Almighty with the Lord Who Must Not Be Named.
  5. Tea For Terrible Two (478 thumbs up)
    Bad dad gets the boot with this precocious tot!

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