September Top Story Roundup

Not Always Romantic | Romantic | September 30, 2012

September Top Story Roundup: From Diablo-driven dates to Rickrollin’ romance, here are our top-rated stories for the month of September!

  1. Why Dance Rhymes With Romance (862 thumbs up)
    A heart-warming story of a boyfriend who shows his girlfriend his love isn’t just all song and dance!
  2. Devil May Call (692 thumbs up)
    Two kids later, it’s clear this online date was Diab-love at first sight.
  3. He’s NEVER GONNA Get It (680 thumbs up)
    When your fiancee is on a roll, just rickroll with it!
  4. He’s Diving Into Shallow Waters (663 thumbs up)
    A dating couple gets called mismatched by an employee, but thankfully gets matched with a far better waiter.
  5. They’re Talking About Different Kinds Of Rings (592 thumbs up)
    This self-professed “nerdy” couple may never be cool, but at least they’re cute!

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