Sense Isn’t On The Menu

, | Working | September 6, 2013

(I’m working front counter, when a group of people walk in. They look at the breakfast menu for a while, and then one of them walks up to me.)

Customer: “Yeah, do you have anything else apart from the breakfast?”

Me: “Yes, we have both menus open at the moment.”

Customer: “Oh, great. Your menu’s just a bit MUFFIN MUFFIN MUFFIN MUFFIN for me.”

Me: “Well, if you look on the side there, you’ll see our main menu is all BURGER BURGER BURGER BURGER.”

Customer: “Oh, thanks.”

(The customer looks, and orders perfectly normally. I turn to see my coworker looking at me strangely.)

Coworker: “You just did that as if it made perfect sense.”

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