Send Them The Bill For Emotional Damages

, , , , | Right | October 20, 2018

(I am quietly working in my office, which is behind the reception desk, when a guest suddenly barges inside and stands next to my chair in a threatening manner. We have a reception desk, and it is not normal or appropriate behaviour for guests to come behind the desk.)

Guest: *yelling* “I still have to give you money!”

Me: “You already paid your tour operator. According to me, you do not have an open bill.”

Guest: *yelling louder* “Yes, I do. I still have to pay something!”

Me: “So what is it you need to pay?”

Guest: *somehow even louder* “That is up to you to tell me!”

Me: “Sir, this is not some kind of guessing game. Please first leave my office and come to the reception desk to explain what you think you owe us.”

(He walks over to the front of the reception desk swearing, but he has calmed down a bit.)

Guest: “I had a beverage.”

Me: “I was in the bar all night last night, and cannot recall seeing you there. I do not have a bar bill from your room. Do you mean you took something out of the fridge in the lobby and forgot to write it on the list?”

Guest: *aggressively* “Yes, that’s what I keep on telling you!”

Me: “But there are no unaccounted bottles out of that fridge. Could you tell me what you took?”

Guest: *going ballistic* “That is up to you to tell me!”

(I just looked at him, stunned. Without looking at me, he threw a two Euro coin in the general direction of the desk, and marched off, ranting and swearing.)

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