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Send Christmas Cards To The Telemarketers

, , , , , | Right | December 25, 2019

(I work as customer support for a website where people can design their own Christmas cards with their photos. Occasionally, we have to call them to ask about a design or confirm their address or something. Since our number is an 800-number, a lot of people think we are just telemarketers. I am calling a woman as her email has come back invalid.)

Customer: *picks up the phone* “NO!” *hangs up* 

(I decide to call her back once more to see if I can explain I’m not a telemarketer. I hear the phone pick up but nobody says anything. All I can hear is breathing.)

Me: “Hello…?”

Customer: *breathing* 

Me: “Um… if you can hear me, I’m calling from website about your order—”

Customer: “Oh!” *suddenly pleasant* “Yes, hi. Sorry about that. I hate telemarketers so I always try to waste their time.”

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