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Selling To Customers Is Only Half The Battle

, , , , | Right | January 23, 2023

There’s a drought going on in my area. More agriculture-savvy people have decided to do emergency condenser work, but as that’s not something usually done, our stocks have depleted fast and are slow to arrive.

In one such situation, we only have enough materials in stock to create a condenser good enough for a five-square-metre roof, which is basically a shed, and we expect to sell out even that soon enough.

A man enters.

Customer: “I want materials to do a condenser treatment on my roof. D’you have any?”

Me: “We do have materials to treat cement roofs and make them good for condensing, but only for about five square metres. If your roof is larger, you’re gonna need to wait two weeks.”

Customer: “My roof’s ten square metres, but I can work with that.”

Me: “Planning to treat only half of your roof?”

Customer: “No, just try to make do and cover as much area as possible, stretch the supplies, y’know. Sounds good?”

For those who don’t know, this will only give you half the result with far more work.

Me: “Oh, no, sir, I cannot recommend that you do that. It’s going to make you spend a lot of time to make your whole roof barely gather water instead of scraping a liter or two normally. You’re better off having five square metres doing their job well than the whole ten badly.”

Customer: “Son, when I say, ‘Sounds good,’ I’m not asking for your opinion. Go get me that kit.”

I obeyed and did give him that kit, figuring he either had more materials at home or at least knew his needs.

A few days later, a review was posted on our website, and it said to avoid us because we “sell only half of what’s necessary”, citing having ten square metres of roof — but not that I had mentioned the impossibility of stretching the materials in a meaningful way — and lamenting that he still couldn’t gather enough water “to take a piss with”.

Sadly, it wasn’t my call to answer THAT review.

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