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Selling The Same Old Story

| Working | May 23, 2014

(I am 19 years old and keep getting junk mail from a certain organization that caters to people over 60. I call them to have them take me off their mailing list.)

Me: “Hello. I’d like to be taken off of your mailing list.”

Employee: “Oh, but have you heard about the benefits of being a member of [Organization]?”

Me: “That’s nice but—”

Employee: “You can get discounts on health care, on food, even on certain specialty cell phone plans!”

Me: “Yes, I understand but—”

Employee: “It’s all very important for a senior citizen living in this economy!”

Me: “Okay—”

Employee: “So, when would you like to start?”

Me: “In about 40 years. I’m 19.”

Employee: “…”

Me: “Ma’am?”

Employee: “I’ll take you off the mailing list right away.”

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