Selfies Have Infiltrated The Curriculum

| Northern Ireland, UK | Learning | July 11, 2014

(I am a secondary school student doing my work experience at a local primary school. All of the students have just been on a walk around the town, taking pictures for a project. All of the pupils have iPads, which they are using to make individual PowerPoint presentations.)

Teacher: “All right, class, since it’s five minutes ’till lunch time, turn off your iPads for now and go plug them in.”

Pupil #1: “My name isn’t on it.”

Pupil #2: “How will we know which one’s ours?”

(The teacher thinks for a moment.)

Teacher: “So that you know which one was yours remember the colour of the cover… and take a selfie.”

(I, as well as a few pupils, can’t help but giggle at his deadpan delivery.)

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