Self-Rising Expectations

| | Right | December 22, 2008

Customer: “You bake all of this French bread here?”

Me: “Yes sir, every day.”

Customer: “Do you make the dough yourselves, or does it come in frozen?”

Me: “Oh, it comes in frozen. We bake more than 100 loaves of French bread a day on top of everything else we make, so we really wouldn’t have time to make dough from scratch.”

Customer: “So you’re cheaters then?!”

Me: *thinking he’s joking* “Yes, sir, we certainly are!”

Customer: “Well, that’s shameful!” *to another customer* “Did you know they don’t make the dough themselves?!”

Customer #2: “It only costs a buck a loaf, dude. What do you want from them?”

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  • TemmieLink

    You must go out to find the list city of doghlantis and get the legendary dough ingredients from the 20 different Greek gods and titans and then must travel to the tallest volcano and bake it in it’s fires. Then you must make the return trip being constantly attacked for the most precious bread ever.