Self-Inflicted Medical Leave

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(The store I work for has just started going through liquidation after the entire business has announced their closure. The company in charge of the liquidation has decided to hire some temps to help us move stock out to the floor and other odd jobs around the store. One of the temps seems a little shady, and my coworkers say he smells of alcohol. One day, while I’m on break, I can hear the one of the supervisors ask for one of the temps through my radio. No one has seen him, and I don’t think much of it. A little over an hour after my break has ended, the supervisor comes up to me.)

Supervisor: “Has [Temp #1] left the restroom yet?”

Me: “No. Is that where he’s been?”

Supervisor: “Someone saw him go in there two hours ago, and he hasn’t come out yet.”

Me: “I’ll keep an eye out.”

(No one ever sees the temp leave the restrooms. I even go in and call his name but get no response. I get pulled away by a customer so I can’t pay attention to him coming out. About ten minutes later, I hear this over my radio.)

Coworker: “Hey, [Manager], can you come to the restrooms real quick?”

Manager: “I’m with a customer right now; I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Coworker: “It’s an emergency. You need to get here now.”

(It turns out the temp was in one of the stalls the whole two hours we couldn’t find him. My coworker forced open the door and found the temp unresponsive. The manager called an ambulance to come get him. The next day I asked one of the other temps if they knew what happened to him.)

Me: “Hey, [Temp #2], do you know what happened to [Temp #1] yesterday?”

Temp #2: “The hospital said he was dehydrated.”

Me: “Really? That doesn’t sound right.”

(We talked a bit with him, implying that [Temp #1] had too much to drink on his break. [Temp #1] showed up the next day but was sent home. Management told him he needed a doctor’s note if he wanted to continue working with us, which we all knew he wasn’t going to get. The odd part was when we couldn’t find him, some of us were saying that he probably passed out on drugs in the bathroom. We didn’t know we were sort of correct.)

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