Self-Checking On The Future

, , , , | Right | August 9, 2019

(I work in a supermarket that has self-service checkouts as well as regular kiosk and belt checkouts. We are encouraged to bring queuing customers through the self-service at busy times and offer assistance when the customer is unfamiliar with its workings. I take a lady through who immediately starts complaining. She has expressed a preference for me to put her items through for her, as she has never used a self-checkout before.)

Customer: “I hate these things; I think it’s awful that they exist.”

Me: “They aren’t so bad. They’re quite handy when you don’t have many items and the other tills are busy.”

Customer: “I just think it’s terrible that it’s putting people out of a job, everything being automatic!”

(I am still scanning and packing items for her.)

Me: “As you can see, you using this today for the first time has actually given me something to do for five minutes, and now you know how to work it, too.”

Customer: *realising what has just happened* “Oh, right, yes, I suppose it has! I take it back.” 

(She pays and thanks me for my help.)

Me: “Thank you and see you again soon!”

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