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(I live in a house, up until recently, with only one other housemate, [Housemate #1]. Then, a new housemate moves in, and she seems a little stiff and awkward, but we’re never all up in each other’s business so that’s fine. Then, this happens.)

Housemate #1: *comes out of her room wearing a tartan skirt as part of her outfit* “Hey, I’m headed out for the day–“

Housemate #2: “What is that?!

Housemate #1: “Huh? Oh, my skirt! It’s a Scottish kilt.”

Housemate #2: “I know, and I think it’s horrible! Don’t you know you shouldn’t wear clothing from other cultures?!”

(We’re both stunned for a minute as she rants on about cultural appropriation. Then, [Housemate #1] steps forward into her space and speaks loudly over her.)

Housemate #1: “Hi! Somehow you seem to have missed my surname when we were being introduced. I’m [First Name] [Extremely Well-Known Scottish Surname]. I grew up here so I don’t have much of an accent, but I’m still f****** Scottish, and I can wear a f****** kilt if I want to!”

([Housemate #2] gaped for a moment, and then scurried off in a red-faced fluster. We’ll see if she lasts.)

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