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SEKs To Be You

, , , | Right | February 7, 2021

I work at a big museum in Sweden at the information desk. We have tokens for our lockers, or you can use 10 SEK — about $1.20 — to lock them. A visitor approaches.

Visitor: “Hi, I dropped my coin for the lockers so I can’t lock them anymore.”

Me: “Oh, okay… You can borrow this token and then you can lock the locker again if you want. And ask the guard if he can help you retrieve your 10 SEK from under the locker.”

She walks away, and after about five minutes, she comes back.

Visitor: “So, yeah, the guard couldn’t help me retrieve it. Could you maybe give me compensation for 10 SEK? It is my friend’s coin.”

Me: “Ehm… nooo… you need to talk to the cashier to see if that is possible.”

So, this girl dropped 10 SEK, and now she wants the museum to pay her back because she is clumsy. I mean, really.

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