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Seeking Help From The .Doc

, , , , | Right | July 23, 2019

(The library I work for runs a tech help session for people struggling with their devices. One of my regulars copies every article she sees into Word and names them “Doc[keysmash of numbers].” Unsurprisingly, she can’t find any of them when she wants them and is upset about that. Today, I have her going through all her Doc files and renaming them properly so she can find them.)

Customer: “What’s this one? Ten ways to increase your sex drive. I don’t think I need that one anymore, but you might need it. How old is your little one, six? You should have another by now. You definitely need this. Or is it your husband that needs this? I can email it to either one of you!”

Question of the Week

Have you ever met a customer who thought the world revolved around them?

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