Seeing Through Bozo-Colored Glasses

| Working | May 1, 2013

Manager: “[My name], you haven’t highlighted these figures AGAIN!”

Me: “What? Really? Huh, I thought I did.”

Manager: “Well, you didn’t! I can’t stress about how important it is for me to know which figures are which, and you haven’t done them AGAIN!” *sighs theatrically*

Me: “Let me have a look…” *looks at report with highlighted figures* “Wait a minute, manager. These ARE highlighted!”

Manager: “Let me see.” *snatches report* “No, they aren’t!”

Me: “Yes they are. Put on your glasses!”

Manager: “No they aren’t! Wait…” *peers hard* “Oh wait, they are. I was lying, haha!”

Me: “Yeah, next time be sure!”

Manager: “Well, next time use a better highlighter color!” *stomps away*

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