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Seeing The Ex-tra Benefits

| Romantic | November 23, 2016

(I’m wandering through a convention with my friend and his wife, when another girl walks past.)

Friend: “Whoa!”

Me: “What is it?”

Friend: “That was [His Ex] that just passed us.”

(I remembered hearing about this girl because she dumped him shortly before we met, and left him unable to date anyone for a year before he met his future wife.)

Me: “Oh, wow…”

Friend’s Wife: “Oh, is that [His Ex]? Excuse me for a minute.”

(She goes off to follow her. We both are concerned because she has a tendency to be vindictive towards anyone who hurts someone she cares about. She comes back a few minutes later.)

Friend: “What did you do?”

Friend’s Wife: “I had heard stories about her for years. I just wanted to see what she looked like.”

Friend: “You didn’t say or do anything?”

Friend’s Wife: “No. Why should I? And if I did, I just would have just thanked her. Because if she didn’t break your heart, we never would’ve met and got married.”

Friend: “Wow… I love you!”

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