Seeing The Bro-ader Picture

| Learning | May 27, 2013

(I’ve been assigned to work with a group of three stereotypical “bros” for a project. These bros have been screwing around and slacking off the entire semester, but one has been particularly bad. Note: I’m female.)

Me: “You guys need to stop chatting and focus on what we’re doing here.”

Classmate: “Aw, dudes, you know what pisses me off? I’m so sick of seeing all these f*** and gay **** on TV. When I see a f** I just want to kick their ***.”

Me: “Okay, you know what? That’s it. You’re fired.”

Classmate: “Ha ha, what?”

Me: “You’re fired from my group, I’m not working with you anymore. I’m sick of listening to you. And for your information, I like women, so if you want to beat up a gay person I dare you to try it.”

Classmate: “Ha, I knew you were a f**** d***! You can’t kick me out of the group, I ain’t going anywhere!”

Me: “Fine, I’m going back to my table and starting my own group. You’re not welcome, but I’d like to remind your buddies that I have all the notes.”

His Friends: *to classmate* “Um, later dude. Good luck.”

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