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My company supplies to a very big, very well-known expensive brand you’ve heard of. Getting in and out of the brand’s building is a nightmare, and it’s so time-consuming.

Luckily, if you are a regular, you can get an exception and bypass this. Unluckily, for whatever reason, they are dragging their heels in extending the same courtesy to me, despite the fact that I should be more than eligible.

I grab some bits they suddenly want and drive the two hours to get there. As I arrive at the security gate, of course, they forgot to book me in and I have to wait and wait because no one is answering their phone.

I make an excuse and leave the security office. I manage to blag my way past the service gate and sneak through all the security doors just by carrying a big box and looking like I need doors opened for me.

I make it to the area where they need the parts.

Manager: “Oh, hey, thanks for getting here.”

Me: “No worries. Although, can you make sure I’m booked in next time, please?”

Manager: “I’m so sorry. Wait, who booked you in?”

Me: *Pauses* “Yeah, so, I’ve got to go. Very late already.”

Manager: “No, seriously, this is a secure site. How on earth did you make it inside? You don’t even have a pass.”

Me: “Oh, yeah, that. Well, there’s a good explanation for that.”

Just at that moment, he was interrupted, and I sneaked off. Getting out actually proved harder than getting in! I made friends with the service gate guard and managed to sneak in for months, seemingly completely legitimately.

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