Secure In Her Ability

| Working | August 26, 2013

(I’m a secretary for a high end security firm that hires bodyguards out to wealthy businessmen and celebrities. Today, we’re doing a hand-to-hand combat refresher course. Two of our new employees are a pair of former bodybuilders/bouncers. They have been quite belligerent after finding out the tiny, 5’1″ girl in front of them is getting paid far more than what they are.)

Guy #1: “Man this is bull-s***! Why the f*** would anyone pay that micro-b**** to guard them?”

Guy #2: “I know man; I bet she’s [company owner’s] daughter, or some stupid s***, and just sits in an office collecting a paycheck.”

Instructor: “[Guy #1]! So glad you’re willing to volunteer for our first demonstration. [Girl], will you please come up here to assist?”

Girl: “Sure thing, lets just get this over with.”

Instructor: “Okay then, [Guy #1] you’re a big strong guy. Your job is to stop the crazy fan-girl who will be played by [Girl] before she gets to the actor you’re protecting.”

(Guy #1 gets a cocky smile, and simply charges forward to grab the girl. He manages to get one hand on her shoulder when she lashes out, kicking one of his legs out from under him. As he stumbles, she pulls him towards her and flips him over her shoulder and into the mat, slamming him hard enough to kick up dust.)

Instructor: *looking down at Guy #1* “And this is lesson one: it doesn’t matter how big or small your assailant is, never underestimate someone. Oh, and since you and [Guy #2] were wondering why she makes three times what you do, this is why. Celebrities hire guys like you to stand in front of them and look scary; millionaire businessmen hire people like her if they want real security.”

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