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Secret Santa’s Little Helper

, | Hopeless | December 22, 2016

(I am counting tills at the end of the night while my manager is writing the daily recap. This manager organized Secret Santa for all the associates. The associates are leaving for the night. Associate knocks on the door and Manager lets him into the office.)

Me: “Hey, [Associate]! What’s up?”

Associate: “Uh, not much. Can I see the people who signed up for Secret Santa?”

Manager: “Oh, did you want to join?”

Me: “It’s kind of late; we’re already exchanging gifts.”

Associate: “I don’t want to get anything. I just want to give more gifts.”

(Manager and I blink but don’t hesitate to give him the list of people that signed up.)

Associate: “Okay, I want to choose, like, two guys and two girls. Maybe someone I don’t really know either. Please don’t tell anyone it’s from me. I just wanted to do something nice this Christmas.”

(This associate has always been a sweet person but I never would have expected this. Thank you for your kindness this Christmas season. I’m sure they appreciated it!)

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