Secret Santa Stopover

Working | December 25, 2013

(I am targeted by a saleslady in the shopping centre. I have tried looking away when she called me and asking her why she’s stopped me. I informed her that I am in a rush. She has ignored all of this, barely listening to anything I have said. I am losing patience.)

Saleslady: “Have you started Christmas shopping yet?”

Me: “Yes.”

Saleslady: “Great. Now, would you like—”

Me: “Hang on. Can we save some time? Is what you’re about to try to sell me under £5 and suitable for a secret Santa gift for my 50 year old boss, who is male?”

Saleslady: “…what?”

Me: “As I said, I am in a rush. I’m here for one thing only, to find a gift that is under £5 and is suitable for a man in his 50s who is also my boss. If that’s this, great.”

Saleslady: “Uh…”

Me: “Is that the product?”

Saleslady: “No?”

Me: “Ah. Okay, then.”

Saleslady: “You know what? I don’t think I can help you today.”

Me: “That’s a shame. Goodbye, then.”

(I walk away as she stares at me. I need to end up with weird present missions more often.)

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