Secret Santa; Keep It You Will

| Whangarei, New Zealand | Friendly | May 10, 2016

(Every Christmas my friends and I get together and have a party. We each ¬†contribute a secret Santa gift and have a game with convoluted rules for drawing from the Santa sack and swapping/stealing gifts just to make it interesting. My contribution is a Yoda beanie. When we have finally settled on what gifts we’re keeping, the lucky beanie recipient decides to wear his gift.)

Everyone: *except for the recipient’s wife, who is quite oblivious to popular geek culture* “Oh, my god! It has EARS! Wanna swap?”

Wife: “Darling, don’t you think you should swap?”

Recipient: “No! I’m keeping it! It has ears.”

(And my gift? Tickets to the new Star Wars movie. :-D)

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