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Secret Santa Banter

, , , , , | Working | December 25, 2018

(My jewelry store is having a Secret Santa exchange and it cannot be a gift card. I am a seasonal associate, and therefore haven’t really known these people that well, so I have to guess at what my person will like. As I am underage, I have limited options on what I can buy; all my other coworkers love to drink. My person wrote down that she likes a specific tea shop; since there is one in the mall, I go there after work. I eventually choose a tea mug with a steeper and go to pay. I get a 10% mall discount in all food locations, so I decide to ask if that applies to this tea shop on non-food items.)

Me: “Can I get my mall discount?” *points to my nametag*

Associate: “Sure, where do you work?”

Me: “[Famous Jewelry Store].”

Associate: *looking skeptical* “Really?” *looks me up and down* “But you’re so young!”

Me: *laughing* “Yeah, I’m the youngest there. They hired me exactly on my 18th birthday. That’s why I wear my nametag; people never believe me.”

Associate: “I am so glad you laughed. As soon as I said it, I was worried it would be taken the wrong way.”

Me: “Hard day?”

(We talked for about ten minutes about bad customers and exchanged Facebooks. I drop by the store every shift to say hi.)

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